Monday, March 29, 2010

The Alphabet song.

I bet you don't know the real words to the alphabet song. Allow me to help you out on this one.

A B C D EZRA G H I J K EMINENO P Q R S T OO V DUDDOWOO X Y AND Z. Now I know ABC's Next time won't sing ah me? Shadooby doowah.

Now you know.

Thank you and goodnight. 

With Love,

New Moon...Finally.

Well, since I refused to rent it from Blockbuster and pay $4.99, I have been a little SOL because Redbox has been out of New Moon everywhere I have checked. Until today, that is. Thank you Macey's!

I never gave Twilight a proper review... HATED IT! No, not really, but it wasn't great. Not by any means. I liked it for what it was, but wasn't crazy about the version that was produced, so my expectations for New Moon, (By the way... one of my LEAST favorite books in the series... a close second to BREAKING DAWN...gag) were LOW LOW LOW.

However, just like Harry Potter, no matter how bad the movie versions are, I will watch all the movies because I liked the books enough to put up with the hoaky stuff.

Here are my thoughts on the movie:

Thank GOODNESS they got rid of Catherine Hardwick (? I think that's the directors name) and got a decent director. You can tell just by watching the first few minutes that there is a different feel to New Moon. Allow me to interject something... I was ABSOLUTELY NOT A BOOK-JACOB FAN. He bugged me so much. If I cared enough to be on a team, it would have been team EDWARD. However, having said that, I like the spin they took on Jacob in this movie. He was so much less annoying, and dare I say it? Hot. ha ha. Okay, but honestly, Book Jacob was irritating as hell.

The book New Moon was very uninteresting to me until the last hundred or so pages which involved the Volturri and Edward's return. However, the movie kept my attention and I must say that I liked that Bella was kind of falling for Jacob. I actually found myself almost (ALMOST) routing for him... even if he did say that dreaded line from the book... you know the one... The one I hate... Please don't make me say it... Okay, Okay! "It's a wolf thing." Blech! I actually just gagged a little bit.

I LOVED the glimpse of Bella as a vampire, however much Bella annoys me. Really? Kristen Stewart? I mean, don't get me wrong, Kristen Stewart is fine and all, but not who I pictured Bella to be, at all... Though, I'm getting off track again.

My complaint about this movie? Not enough motorcycles. Yes, you read that right. My other complaint? Jasper kind of bugged me too... And what the heck was all that talk about Vampires in the school hallway in front of other kids??? Um, did anyone else catch this?

On to what I liked about the movie. The Volturri scenes were awesome, in my opinion. I really loved the detail. Jane...AKA Dakota Fanning was exactly who I pictured when I read the book... However, I'm not a big DF fan. I pictured her as Jane, maybe 5-7 years ago before she got awkward.

I loved how Charlie seemed more like his book character in this one than the last movie. I wish they had spent more time explaining the history of the Cullens, which is what I loved about the book. Although, I can't remember if it was New Moon or Eclipse that talked about it. Anyway, that was my favorite part of the books, the alternate world that SM created, grammatical and spelling errors aside. I was disappointed that they didn't spend more time and effort on talking about Carlisle and how he became involved with Aro and the others. I hope that Eclipse talks more about it. It seems a shame to me to leave it out. Maybe they'll save it for Breaking Dawn? They're going to need a rabbit in a hat to make that movie any good. Yikes.

I also loved how Kristen Stewart was allowed to finish a complete sentence in this movie. Did you notice that in Twilight? There were all sorts of... "Yeah but..." and "How can you..." and playing with her hair in that one. "Your hand... It's...It's so...cold." It took her two minutes, what would take anyone else 10 seconds to say. Twilight had the Captain Kirk of Bella Swan's... probably thanks to that lame director. Seriously, awful. 

Anyway, all in all I liked the movie. A LOT more than I expected to like it. However, I am NOT looking forward to seeing Bryce Howard as the new Victoria... All I can think when I look at her is M. Night Shyamalamadingdong, and those AWFUL movies he makes... Sorry, I won't go there... I know how much people love him. (I'm rolling my eyes) ha ha. We shall see...

What can I say? I guess when it comes to movies I'm a little hard to please.

New Moon: It is what it is, and it wasn't so bad. Actually, (I'm looking around to see if anyone is eavesdropping) it was pretty good.

With Love,

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Photo shoot giveaway...

Have you checked out The Cranberryfries blog  recently? Something is going on over there!

With Love,

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Prediabetes, My Vita-Mix 5200, and properly fitted underpants

Okay, so I am TERRIBLY sorry for missing Make up tip Mondays this week. So, to make it up to you, I am going to spout randomness. I know how much you love it.

I am tired.
I have been feeling icky for a while... not sick-icky, but icky like something is wrong... anxious.
I seriously regret purchasing a certain train character shirt for a certain two year old... (He's throwing fits if it needs to be washed, and will only let me put a new shirt on if he gets to wear the train shirt over it...grr)
I just found out I'm prediabetic. (I told you something was wrong-but don't fret lovelies, I'll be okay)
We spent A LOT of money on a brand new Vita Mix 5200, and neither of us regret it one single bit.
I am implementing a lot more raw foods in to my diet and cutting back calories. I do NOT want this to turn in to full blown Diabetes. I.WILL.NOT.LET.THAT.HAPPEN.PERIOD.EXCLAMATION POINT!
I have been very busy lately with my photography. God is GREAT. He blesses me abundantly.
I have a few more jobs lined up, which makes us very VERY happy! (Thank you, Olivia!)
I have now seen Peter Pan A LOT. I don't mind, though.
Husband took me to the Distribution Center and bought me properly fitting underpants. I don't think I have EVER had a pair that fit properly... Either too small or too big, nursing style, or maternity... Now they are amazing, and I can't believe I never tried Cotton/Poly blend before! Yes, I'm talking about underpants in great detail. I'm that cool.
I officially hate BINKYS.
I still haven't seen New Moon because I refuse to rent it at Blockbuster.
Yes, I have added Blockbuster to my boycott list...(Now Walmart won't feel so lonely).
Nobody really listens to me. Ha ha.

With Love,

Post Script: Sorry again about Make up tip Mondays.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Today I got the opportunity to photograph a lovely little lady... Check out my photography page  to see more!

With Love,

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Two special people...

Today I got to photograph my mother and my son.

Check out my photography page to view more.

With Love,

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Weather...

Dear Weather,

Please stop being cold and rainy. Don't get me wrong, I love the rain, but perhaps a nice warm, summer rain would be nicer than this cold and gloomy stuff going on right now. I appreciate you sending us rain, because we do need it, however, the cold makes me sad, and I would really like some warmth right now, and preferably, some pretty blooming flowers, (which I understand need water...) but, I want to be outside and not couped up in this stinky old basement. I do believe our 1300 square feet has been reduced to 700 this winter.

Am I being swallowed by these white rental walls?

Anyway, back to the point, please stop being cold. The rain is OKAY but, I would prefer warm and sunny days if you don't mind. :)

Respectfully yours, and
With Love,

Do YOU have Celiac Disease?

Did you know that there are all sorts of diseases or syndromes that are misdiagnosed, when really the patient actually has CELIAC DISEASE? Celiac symptoms often mimic those of other syndromes, and so it can be hard to detect. If you have any of the following, maybe you should try an elimination diet. Stomach ulcers, Crohn's disease, inflammatory bowel disease, or irritable bowel syndrome, (IBS).

 Children suffer differently from adults, typically, and their symptoms include:
Infants, toddlers, and young children often exhibit growth failure, vomiting, bloated abdomen and behavioral changes, along with enamel abnormalities, and digestive upset.

Adults and Children can exhibit the following symptoms.
  • Recurring bloating, gas, or abdominal pain
  • Chronic diarrhea or constipation or both
  • Unexplained weight loss or weight gain
  • Pale, foul-smelling stool
  • Unexplained anemia
  • Bone or joint pain
  • Behavior changes/depression/irritability
  • Vitamin K Deficiency
  • Fatigue, weakness or lack of energy
  • Delayed growth or onset of puberty
  • Failure to thrive (in infants)
  • Missed menstrual periods
  • Infertility male & female
  • Spontaneous miscarriages
  • Canker sores inside the mouth
  • Tooth discoloration or loss of enamel
If you have any of these symptoms, or a combination, try an elimination diet and see if they go away. It will take time, at the very least, three weeks. But, if you ARE a Celiac, and you continue to eat gluten, you are not only damaging your small intestine by destroying the villi, causing malabsorption  problems, you are depleting your bone density which can cause the premature onset of arthritis and osteoporosis. You might also be needlessly suffering from such conditions as IBS, or FIBROMYALGIA.

Most of my life, I was completely ignorant to the fact that there are a lot of people out there who can't eat gluten. Gluten, is the protein found in Wheat, Barley, Malt and Rye. Unfortunately, Oats grown in the United States are almost always contaminated with it, usually through cross contamination, whether by facilities that process it, or the fields it grows in.

Most of my life, I ate bread, pasta, pizza and other delicious gluten filled foods like it was my last meal. I relished it. I loved it. But, I also had a lot of health problems too.

I was (still am) overweight, suffered from anxiety, depression, sporadic periods, infertility, digestive problems, eczema, fatigue, weakness, the list goes on and on and on.

A year ago, I was suffering from what doctors call FIBROMYALGIA. I was 28 years old, and was suffering. I had NO energy, I was weak, and my joints ached with the smallest amount of exertion. When my back would hurt, it didn't feel like muscle aches, I felt it in the bone.

Then my son started going through something that terrified me. He stopped growing, his teeth started to gray, he started losing weight, and his belly bloated, and every now and then he would break out in a terrible, patchy rash all over his body. This scared me so badly. Then, one day we woke up to screams coming from my son's room. It was 5 AM, and we both went running in to see what was wrong. He had diarrhea running down his legs, up his back, and all over his bedding. It looked like he had literally pooped his guts out. This went on for TWO WEEKS. No one could figure it out. I called our old chiropractor to see what she thought, and she suggested an elimination diet to eliminate allergens from his diet.

We started immediately, and when we reintroduced wheat, he broke out in that rash within 15 minutes, and had diarrhea all day. That was it. I knew something was wrong. So, I cut out bread, pasta, but kept other things in his diet, not realizing that they contained gluten under a code name, and the problems persisted.

I found out about Celiac Disease, and started doing research. I found out all sorts of things, including the treatment... a COMPLETELY GLUTEN FREE DIET. How on earth could I do that? How could I eat pizza in front of him, or bread, or cakes, or cookies? I decided to cut it out too.

Do you know what? Within a month my FIBROMYALGIA WAS GONE! My joint pain was gone, my periods regulated, and I had more energy and a happier outlook on life.

Do you know what else? My son grew 2 inches after only three weeks following the diet. The diarrhea cleared, and he started gaining weight. His behavior improved as well.

The past few weeks, I have started reintroducing gluten in to my diet. Guess what has happened. I have been fatigued to the point where I don't want to get out of bed, I have joint pain like you wouldn't believe, my bone aches are back, my fibromyalgia symptoms are back, I feel bloated and miserable after I eat anything that has it in it, and I started feeling a bit depressed and anxious again, not to mention my periods have gone wacky.

I have stopped eating it again, and this time, hopefully, I have the support of my husband fully. I pleaded with him today to not tempt me with foods I shouldn't eat, because it is literally going to make me sick, and possibly be the death of me! Not only does it cause me instant misery, it is causing me tremendous internal damage that may catch up to me in 10 years, or tomorrow.

If your body cannot absorb minerals and vitamins, as is the case with Celiac sufferers who continue to eat gluten, then your body will rob it from your bones, and fast. And, if you don't stop eating it, and decide to take multi-vitamins, I've got sorry news for you, those vitamins aren't being absorbed any more than if you ate the vitamins in your food.


For more information, please check out these links.
Article on Increased Prevalence and Mortality of Undiagnosed Celiacs
Mayo Clinic

If I can help one family out there so that they don't have to suffer longer than we did to find an answer to this problem, than I will talk about Celiac Disease all day and all night.

There is a quote I have heard time and time again which goes something like this:

"I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it." So it is true with living Gluten Free.

With Love,

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I like my music...

I like my music two ways. LOUD AND AWESOME! If you want to talk music, I would LOVE IT! I love love love love music! I feel like it is an old friend I haven't visited in a long time. When my FREAKING AWESOME FRIEND OLIVIA did this CD exchange thing, I signed up for it, and made her a mix CD, (In my day they were mix tapes). It got me back listening to music that had gotten dusty in my old case logic. I am SO glad that I did it, because now I have reconnected with my old friends...

I purchased some SKULL CANDY INK'D earbuds the other day from AMAZON, (one of my FAVORITE sites in the world!) and they are amazing! Not only do I now have COMFORTABLE earbuds that FIT, they sound AMAZING, and when I turn up my music, I can hear nothing but the sweet melody of angst and longing set to rockin' beats. These little bad boys are not only HOT PINK, but what makes them sweeter, is that they were only 10 BUCKS! Go Amazon, Go Skull Candy INK'D!

Now, back to the subject at hand...

Music should make you happy and want to move. When I listen to music that I like, I can't help but either sing along or dance, or both!

Man! I used to go to so many shows! It's been so long! There is NOTHING like LIVE MUSIC!

Like I said, Music should be two ways: LOUD! and, AWESOME!

With Love,

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

$1.00 Thomas Shoes

They make him soooo happy. He loves Thomas, and has been talking about Thomas shoes ever since he saw a boy at church wearing a pair... I scored big time on KSL! This lady was selling shoes that her son had outgrown. Good news? She was selling black dress shoes that we needed for Elise's wedding. $3.00. She was selling Thomas shoes that Ezra felt he needed. $1.00. We thought they were a size 5, but I found out today after closer inspection that they are indeed 6's, which means he gets to enjoy them for longer!

That's better than $15.00 at stinky ol' Walmart!

Love good deals on things that make people happy! He doesn't even want to take them off to go to bed!

With Love,

Monday, March 15, 2010



PLEASE don't go the route that everyone seems to be going and get an under eye concealer that is TOO LIGHT. It makes you look funny... especially in photographs.

TRY to match it to your skin coloring.

If you have PURPLE under eye circles, try to find one that has a yellow or warm base to it. You can usually tell by the (W) next to the name of the color.

Dab it. Don't smear it. Concealer will not stay where you want it unless you dab it and keep it there.

Again, TRY to match it to your foundation color, (which HOPEFULLY matches your skin color!).

One thing I like to do with concealer is apply it AFTER my foundation and powder. This way, it stays put a little better. Most people put it on first, and if you do that, when you apply your foundation, you'll move it around, and you'll have to re-apply usually.

So, things to remember about concealer:
2. DAB IT!

Hope this was helpful.
With Love,

Natalie Norton

I just discovered This LOVELY LADY  about a week or two ago. I must say that not only is she a talented photographer, she is also a caring, and inspiring woman!

I emailed Mrs. Norton and asked if she wouldn't mind looking at my blog and giving me some pointers on taking better pictures. Here was her reply!


Best friends already. Anyone who chooses to boycott web acronyms is a winner in my book. ;)

Thank you so much for your sweet words!

I took a few minutes to look through your site. You're headed in a great direction!  Good for you.  I like the lifestyleishness of your family stuff.

I wish you EVERY success!!!  Come see me in Hawaii sometime. :) 


I know, I know, I'm a total blog groupie. You can find out more in THIS PAST POST.

Honestly, I don't email strangers very much. But, both times I have, I have received nothing but kindness back! I LOVE PEOPLE!

With Love,

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Last Dance

When I go to weddings, I love to see the bride dance with her father. It is always such a tender moment, they are both usually very emotional, and you can always see the love between the two of them. I like to think that the conversation between them goes something like this:

Father: You know I love you, right?
Daughter: Yes, Daddy, I do. I love you too.
Father: I'm going to miss you so much. I can't believe it's time to let you go.
Daughter: I'm scared, and I don't want to be a part from you for too long.
Father: You have to go live your life now. Remember what you've been taught, and be kind to each other.
Daughter: What if I make mistakes?
Father: You will, but life is about learning and growing from those mistakes. Hopefully we have taught you well enough how to handle things when life gets frightening and sad.
Daughter: I can't imagine facing scary things without you.
Father: I'm never too far away.
Daughter: I am so excited to start my new life, but I am so sad to leave you.
Father: That is part of life, but know that I am so proud of you for making such wonderful decisions.
Daughter: You have always believed in me, even when I didn't believe in myself.
Father: You're my little girl. I always knew how special you were, and I always will.
Daughter: I love you so much Daddy. I think I'm ready to start my new life now. I think I'll be okay. I just need to know you'll always be there when I need you.
Father: I will ALWAYS be there for you.
Daughter: I am so happy to have you in my life. Thank you for guiding me and loving me. Thank you for always being there for me.
Father: I wouldn't have had it any other way. Now, go live your new life, but please don't forget me.
Daughter: I won't, Daddy. I promise.

I like to think of that tender moment between a father and his daughter from time to time. I also like to think that I had my own moment like this before I came to Earth. I like to think that my Heavenly Father gave me one last dance before I left Him. I also like to think that we had a very similar conversation. I like to think that He held me close and didn't want to let me go, but knew He had to so that I could have a mortal experience. I like to think, that He cried tears of joy AND sadness at my departure, and worried about my welfare. I like to think, He had me twirl as we said goodbye.

Sometimes, I pretend I'm dancing with Him again, and He is holding me close and comforting me. He is reminding me that life is hard, but that it will all be okay, that we will see each other again. In these moments of tenderness that I share with my Heavenly Father, I feel so close to Him. I feel somewhat the love He feels for me, and how much He wants to see me again.

Sometimes, when I really need to feel Him close to me, I will picture my dance with Him while I pray. I will whisper my sorrows, my joys and my pains, and He whispers back to me that it will all work out in the end. He comforts me and loves me. I know this to be true.

Everyone has his/her own way of looking at things like this, but as for me, I feel closer to Him when we dance.

With Love,

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Love that Boy!

I love that boy! They don't get much sweeter!

With Love,


Anyone who reads this blog... (Is Olivia the only one who reads this blog regularly? ha ha) knows that I have a LOT of things I like to do. I love to create things, and I love to take pictures.

Right now, on my photography blog I am offering a photo shoot for $35. This includes an entire 1 1/2 hour sitting on location, 15 edited images, a CD of images, and FULL COPYRIGHT. This deal will only last a few more days! It is ending on the 14th of March! So, if you or someone you know is looking for outdoor portraits, they only have to BOOK by March 14th! That's right. The deal is for SCHEDULING a sitting. You don't have to have the photos taken before March 14th. You can email me at for dates and times.

Also, on my creative outlet blog, Lola's Lovelies, you can find out information on how to WIN a FREE Hair Lovely! There is a Book Launch for a friend of mine who happens to be an amazing author! Her name is Annette Lyon and she and two other authors are having a fantastic party to launch their new books! The time and day is THIS FRIDAY, March 12, from 6-8PM at the University Village Deseret Book in Orem, UT. Two of my hair lovelies are among the wonderful door prizes. You can check out Annette's Blog to read about all the other wonderful prizes available that night! Please go if you are in the area to help support local authors, and have a really fun time! (And let's face it, possibly win some POSH stuff)!

With Love,

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Newest favorite picture of Ez

Call him what you will... Ez, Z, E-Z E... He is freaking cute!

I just got the disk of finished photos from his photo shoot with Heather and here are my favorites.

Seriously, isn't he adorable?!

With Love,

A few confessions...

I am kind of a gross girl. I'm not always pretty, and I have a lot of quirks about me. I'm going to let you see a little of the dark side of Susan... Okay, just a side I don't tell everyone... until now.

It is not uncommon for me to go a month or two during the winter without shaving...anything. I am a bit of a wildebeest. I don't know how husband deals with hairy legs and arm pits. I honestly cannot remember the last time I shaved. I have man legs right now.

There are days when I forget to brush my teeth in the morning.

I have gone a week without a shower before... I know, I know. Sick.

I don't use anti perspirant.

I get embarrassed really easily.

Sometimes I swear.

I have had severe anxiety attacks.

Sometimes I get filled with jealous rage when I hear how easy it is for people to get pregnant... I'm really ashamed to admit that. Usually it's people who seem to be unfit parents, though.

I really don't like Rachel Ray. I try, because my PaPa liked her, but I can't stand her. I'm sure she's a nice person, so I feel bad that I don't like her as much as I do.

I still cry when I think about people I love who have died.

I have a lot of regrets.

I don't wash my sheets once a week... I know, totally gross.

If it weren't for my sweet husband, I don't think I would have clean clothes, ever.

Sometimes I wake up angry, and I'm not pleasant to be around.

I battle depression sometimes.

Some days, if I don't have anywhere to go, (which isn't often) I don't get out of my pajamas all day.

I have a hard time sharing chapstick.

I am kind of superstitious about some things. (Odd years, jinxing myself by saying something out loud,) I still can't step on cracks without feeling bad.

I will NOT walk across grates, or metal coverings on sidewalks. WILL. NOT. DO. IT.

I am petrified of spiders and snakes. I am serious. I know it's cliche, but I honestly feel like I can't breathe when I see even a picture of them. It's crazy.

My house is a wreck. I don't let people come over because of it, but for some reason, I don't clean it. I know it's crazy. I hate living in a messy house and it causes me anxiety, yet I don't change the situation.

I love celebrity gossip... totally humiliating.

Sometimes I wear my PaPa's watch even though the band is broken and the battery is dead. I don't want to buy a new battery or watch band because it wouldn't be his dead battery and broken watch band. I miss him so much.

I spend entirely too much time online.

I sometimes sneak foods containing gluten, even though it makes me sick. I was entirely gluten free for a while, but have fallen off the wagon a few times. I really shouldn't eat it because it messes me up.

I wish I had a different pair of socks for every day of the year.

Well, that's quite the list, no? There are more, seedy, despicable things about me that I refuse to share with anyone besides Husband, but that list should tide you over for now.

With Love,

Monday, March 8, 2010


Today I'm going to talk about FOUNDATION. There are all types. Powder, liquid, anti aging, anti blemish, non comedogenic, (which hopefully all foundations are... it's a fancy way to say it won't clog your pores...)

When choosing a foundation, there are a few things to consider. First, coverage. How much are you trying to cover? Are you just trying to even out your skin tone? Are you trying to cover the whole thing? So, the question to answer is, do you want FULL, MEDIUM OR SHEER/LIGHT coverage?

Most people, believe it or not, do NOT need full coverage. Usually, I would reserve this for when you are taking pictures, or for special events when you want to look completely done up. Sometimes, older people tend to want to use full coverage because they think it will cover their wrinkles... It's usually hard to convince them otherwise.

I love wrinkles personally. I love laugh lines, smile lines, because I think they show character. I think people who are older look a little funny without them. But, that's just my opinion.

When choosing a foundation, try to match your face color EXACTLY... hard to do, I know. If you find you are between colors, it can be tricky. Just try to find one that matches as close as possible. The best way is to test it on your jaw line. You want it to blend effortlessly, seamlessly in to your neck, and trust me, our faces are different colors than our necks.

I actually buy two different colors. In the summer, I use the darker of the two, in the dead winter, I use the lighter. In spring and fall when I'm fading or getting darker, I combine the two to make my own color. This usually works very well. I'm lucky my foundation only costs me $4.95!

Question #2: How do you apply it? There are all sorts of brushes out there, but I like plain old fingers. Rub the foundation between your fingers, and pat in to the different areas of your face. Try a little at first... remember, you can always ADD more if you need it. I press the foundation in to my skin, and then sweep it. I start towards the inside, and sweep out towards my hair line and jaw line.

If you find you don't need to cover a lot, but are trying to even out your skin tone, just use foundation where your skin is blotchy. In this instance, it is very important to find a close match to your skin tone.

Hope that helped. If you have any questions for me, just ask. 

With Love,

Sunday, March 7, 2010


The past few days I have been feeling a little... out of sorts. So, husband and I went and got hair cuts.

What do you think? I have to say I feel LOADS better. So, I took some self portraits, and played around with photoshop to correct the horrible lighting in my basement. My philosophy on hair? The shorter the better!


That is all. Goodbye. 
With Love, 

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Okay, I'm going to let you in on a little secret. I got my hopes up (again!) that I might be pregnant. Alas, I am not. It turns out that my problems run much deeper than just diet changes can fix.

When this stuff happens, I get really bummed out-so bummed out, I often forget what I have to be thankful for.

Though right now he is sitting in his "thoughtful spot" screaming at me, I am SO grateful that I have a child who is smart, loving, healthy and amazing.

So many people cannot conceive, and I know somewhat, the heartache that goes with that trial in life. It tears you down. How blessed am I that I have been given this child? How ungrateful must I seem to those who don't have the ability to have children, when I complain about not being able to get pregnant AGAIN?

Perhaps I spend too much time on the computer. Perhaps I don't spend enough time appreciating all that I have. Maybe I should rethink a few things. Maybe I should turn over a new leaf.

I love my supportive husband who pushes me to follow my dreams. I love my son who makes me smile and laugh daily. I love that I have been given this opportunity and responsibility to be a wife and mother. I need to remember that so many people out there never meet their soul mate, and never have children. I need to be more proactive in understanding what a huge gift I have been given. I need to appreciate more, the blessings that HAVE been poured out to me, instead of dwelling on those that HAVEN'T.

Maybe I seem selfish; maybe I am. Perhaps I seem ungrateful; perhaps I am. I want to apologize for my attitude. I want to start over. I want to be happier and more involved in my life instead of dwelling on the possibilities, or lack there of.

I have a good life. It is not a lavish life-it may never be. One of my favorite lines comes from a Jack Johnson song. It says:

"It's so easy when the whole world fits inside of your arms."

I think I need to listen to that song more.

With Love,

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My favorite things about today...

So, I have been feeling pretty yucky lately. Not the contagious type of yucky, but just not entirely myself.

To start things off, I took Ez to an animal science museum in town, and since he is feeling better, he was going like crazy looking at all the animals, and wound himself up in to a coughing fit at the museum. The coughing fit resulted in him barfing up his snack on me. Nice. He got a little on me, himself, and the carpet... SSHHH. I took his jacket off, (what got the brunt of the puke) and wiped it off the carpet...

So, I bought him a little wolf stuffy at the gift shop, and don't you think he looks so cute?

#1 Favorite thing from today... How adorable Ez is wearing his Thomas the train glasses, sipping his juice box, and holding his new little wolf.


#2 favorite thing about today, Daddy making a basketball hoop for Ez. (Ez's obsessed with basketball hoops lately).


#3 favorite thing about today... smelling like puke of course! 

With Love, 

Monday, March 1, 2010


Okay, today I am going to post about some of my favorite products. If you tend to stick only to one brand, I say only this... EXPAND YOUR MIND, BROADEN YOUR HORIZONS! There are so SO SO many companies out there, and each has something pretty awesome. You just have to give it a try!

I sold LANCOME for years, and I LOVED it. In fact, I became a bit of a snob. I turned my nose up at "wal-mart brands" and stuck only to upscale, high end things. Perhaps it made me feel prettier to spend a lot more money on the same product.

Lancome, is owned by LOREAL paris. Yes, you heard that right. It isn't the other way around. Loreal, the same brand you can buy at Wal mart, Target, Rite Aid, Walgreens and any other grocery store you can think of. Not only does LOREAL own LANCOME, they also own MAYBELLINE, and GARNIER, among others.

In fact, Estee Lauder is sister companies with Clinique and REVLON and, I believe, COVER GIRL.

So, open your mind to what I am about to share with you. YOU CAN FIND THE SAME PRODUCT FOR MUCH CHEAPER IF YOU KNOW WHAT TO LOOK FOR!!!!

Here are a few of my favorite things.

I couldn't find a picture online of a few of these things. I LOVE that Loreal has a CREAM EYELINER that you apply with a brush! It is about $10.99 and is VERY durable... it won't run on you at a wedding!

I LOVE the colors in the HIP line from Loreal as well. These eye shadows tend to be a bit more expensive than other brands at Target or Walmart, but they are bold and amazing! I recommend just adding a touch of bold color to your regular make up routine.

I love love love love this mascara. I cannot say a single bad thing about it except for the price is WAY too high for my budget. It costs a whooping $24.50!

So, I use this mascara instead: 

price tag: $5.04
I love this mascara ALMOST as much as I love HYPNOSE, but my husband is happier when I buy this mascara because of the price difference! 

I have yet to find a comparable product. This is an eyeshadow base. It keeps things in place and prevents nasty creasing. One jar has lasted me well over 5 years, and the price for it, is worth it if you can make it last. Trust me, a little goes a very long way! 

The BEST foundation I have EVER used. 
Price: $4.99

Awesome, and it only cost me $5.49!

$17.00 EACH! It is pricey, but I do love it. 
However, as I said earlier, Loreal HIP is awesome! Very comparable. 

Remember how I said I LOVE eye brow POWDER?! MAYBELLINE MAKES IT! 
I don't know how much it is, but I'm sure it is way more cost effective than high end dpt store brands. 
The only downside, is it's made exclusively for brunettes. Sorry blondes and black haired people. 
If you are blonde, black haired, or gray haired, Lancome's eye brow pencils are awesome. 
Cost: $24.00
Okay, one thing that Lancome has, that I LOVE ALMOST as much as HYPNOSE, is their blush in SHIMMER PINK POOL. It is SO beautiful. 

They used to have one called COSMOPOLITAN PINK that was WAY better, but I'm not sure they sell it anymore. I sold the crap out of it when I worked for them! 
Cost: $29.50 (yikes!)

I just discovered Maybelline's lipstick, and I love it. I found a shade that was BEAUTIFUL, long lasting, and was so creamy. I love that about lipstick! 
price: $5.99

I love this eyeliner from MAYBELLINE. It is very much like the liquid eye liner I used to sell from Lancome. Very very much the same! 

Apparently Maybelline also has a GEL eyeliner that you apply with a brush. I want to try it! 

I also use STUDIO FIX powder + foundation from MAC sometimes when I need to cover more. I LOVE it, and it looks great in pictures!
I think it costs around $25.00 (Not sure on that one). 

But, there is one last item I couldn't do without, and that is my PHOTOGENIC LOOSE POWDER. I use this on top of my liquid foundation to set it, and it gives a flawless coverage for pictures. Photogenic is a product of LANCOME, and runs $34.00. (A little goes a long way, and I haven't found a comparable product). 

There you have it, those are my favorite go-to products that I love to use. 

Hope that was somewhat helpful. 
With Love, 

Bedazzled Camo

Bedazzled Camouflage seems a bit of a contradiction to me. Camouflage is made to help people blend in to the environment; however, bedazzlement is meant to make something stand out.

I'm not sure which of these this woman was going for, but her purse definitely stood out, so she achieved the latter.

Both Camouflage and Bedazzled items have their place in this world, and I completely respect that. However, having said that... Take a look at what I captured on my camera phone. 



This is the view in front of me in line to pick up pictures at Costco today. I am not sure which scares me more, the fact that she either BOUGHT this purse already made, that she BOUGHT materials to MAKE this purse, or that she is wearing it with red and white stripes. 
I feel like a jerk posting this, but it was just a little too crazy not to comment on. 

With Love,