Monday, March 1, 2010


Okay, today I am going to post about some of my favorite products. If you tend to stick only to one brand, I say only this... EXPAND YOUR MIND, BROADEN YOUR HORIZONS! There are so SO SO many companies out there, and each has something pretty awesome. You just have to give it a try!

I sold LANCOME for years, and I LOVED it. In fact, I became a bit of a snob. I turned my nose up at "wal-mart brands" and stuck only to upscale, high end things. Perhaps it made me feel prettier to spend a lot more money on the same product.

Lancome, is owned by LOREAL paris. Yes, you heard that right. It isn't the other way around. Loreal, the same brand you can buy at Wal mart, Target, Rite Aid, Walgreens and any other grocery store you can think of. Not only does LOREAL own LANCOME, they also own MAYBELLINE, and GARNIER, among others.

In fact, Estee Lauder is sister companies with Clinique and REVLON and, I believe, COVER GIRL.

So, open your mind to what I am about to share with you. YOU CAN FIND THE SAME PRODUCT FOR MUCH CHEAPER IF YOU KNOW WHAT TO LOOK FOR!!!!

Here are a few of my favorite things.

I couldn't find a picture online of a few of these things. I LOVE that Loreal has a CREAM EYELINER that you apply with a brush! It is about $10.99 and is VERY durable... it won't run on you at a wedding!

I LOVE the colors in the HIP line from Loreal as well. These eye shadows tend to be a bit more expensive than other brands at Target or Walmart, but they are bold and amazing! I recommend just adding a touch of bold color to your regular make up routine.

I love love love love this mascara. I cannot say a single bad thing about it except for the price is WAY too high for my budget. It costs a whooping $24.50!

So, I use this mascara instead: 

price tag: $5.04
I love this mascara ALMOST as much as I love HYPNOSE, but my husband is happier when I buy this mascara because of the price difference! 

I have yet to find a comparable product. This is an eyeshadow base. It keeps things in place and prevents nasty creasing. One jar has lasted me well over 5 years, and the price for it, is worth it if you can make it last. Trust me, a little goes a very long way! 

The BEST foundation I have EVER used. 
Price: $4.99

Awesome, and it only cost me $5.49!

$17.00 EACH! It is pricey, but I do love it. 
However, as I said earlier, Loreal HIP is awesome! Very comparable. 

Remember how I said I LOVE eye brow POWDER?! MAYBELLINE MAKES IT! 
I don't know how much it is, but I'm sure it is way more cost effective than high end dpt store brands. 
The only downside, is it's made exclusively for brunettes. Sorry blondes and black haired people. 
If you are blonde, black haired, or gray haired, Lancome's eye brow pencils are awesome. 
Cost: $24.00
Okay, one thing that Lancome has, that I LOVE ALMOST as much as HYPNOSE, is their blush in SHIMMER PINK POOL. It is SO beautiful. 

They used to have one called COSMOPOLITAN PINK that was WAY better, but I'm not sure they sell it anymore. I sold the crap out of it when I worked for them! 
Cost: $29.50 (yikes!)

I just discovered Maybelline's lipstick, and I love it. I found a shade that was BEAUTIFUL, long lasting, and was so creamy. I love that about lipstick! 
price: $5.99

I love this eyeliner from MAYBELLINE. It is very much like the liquid eye liner I used to sell from Lancome. Very very much the same! 

Apparently Maybelline also has a GEL eyeliner that you apply with a brush. I want to try it! 

I also use STUDIO FIX powder + foundation from MAC sometimes when I need to cover more. I LOVE it, and it looks great in pictures!
I think it costs around $25.00 (Not sure on that one). 

But, there is one last item I couldn't do without, and that is my PHOTOGENIC LOOSE POWDER. I use this on top of my liquid foundation to set it, and it gives a flawless coverage for pictures. Photogenic is a product of LANCOME, and runs $34.00. (A little goes a long way, and I haven't found a comparable product). 

There you have it, those are my favorite go-to products that I love to use. 

Hope that was somewhat helpful. 
With Love, 


Olivia Carter said...

Love StudioFix but I don't use it too often. The color is either a shade too dark or a shade too light. I'm right between what they have. BLEH.

But I LOVE that yellow Colossal Mascara. Though it smudges for me I still love it. It even smells like honey. So good!

Amber said...

Susan...I LOVED this post! I have been a MAC only user for over 6 yrs now, but I am soooo sick & tired of spending a load of money and only going home with a few things. I've been toying with the idea of buying at regular stores, but was very very scared of the results. Then I saw your blog and it was a breath of fresh air to tell you the truth. I sent a link to my sister who is in the same boat. I wish I could afford to blow a couple hundred dollars to redo my look @ MAC, but like everyone else I know who can do that right now? I tried the Colossal mascara and a few Maybeline eyeshadows! I really was happy with the results and excited that I didn't have to spend more then $30 to get some new things! Thanks for your Mondays Make-Up Tips entries...I love them and look forward to them. Now I won't stress when my make-up runs out because I can afford to buy new stuff. Your make-up always looks so fun and creative! Thanks for helping me back into the real world...Michael thanks you as well! Have fun! -Amber