Monday, March 1, 2010

Bedazzled Camo

Bedazzled Camouflage seems a bit of a contradiction to me. Camouflage is made to help people blend in to the environment; however, bedazzlement is meant to make something stand out.

I'm not sure which of these this woman was going for, but her purse definitely stood out, so she achieved the latter.

Both Camouflage and Bedazzled items have their place in this world, and I completely respect that. However, having said that... Take a look at what I captured on my camera phone. 



This is the view in front of me in line to pick up pictures at Costco today. I am not sure which scares me more, the fact that she either BOUGHT this purse already made, that she BOUGHT materials to MAKE this purse, or that she is wearing it with red and white stripes. 
I feel like a jerk posting this, but it was just a little too crazy not to comment on. 

With Love, 


JakeCarr said...

"Camo goes with nothing, therefore, everything. I like it the same way I like zombie movies. They're gross, disturbing, and hilarious from the comfort of knowing they what you see may not be real"

Myrna said...

Thats AWESOME! You shared that and it brought a smile to my face to read, so dont feel bad!