Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I like my music...

I like my music two ways. LOUD AND AWESOME! If you want to talk music, I would LOVE IT! I love love love love music! I feel like it is an old friend I haven't visited in a long time. When my FREAKING AWESOME FRIEND OLIVIA did this CD exchange thing, I signed up for it, and made her a mix CD, (In my day they were mix tapes). It got me back listening to music that had gotten dusty in my old case logic. I am SO glad that I did it, because now I have reconnected with my old friends...

I purchased some SKULL CANDY INK'D earbuds the other day from AMAZON, (one of my FAVORITE sites in the world!) and they are amazing! Not only do I now have COMFORTABLE earbuds that FIT, they sound AMAZING, and when I turn up my music, I can hear nothing but the sweet melody of angst and longing set to rockin' beats. These little bad boys are not only HOT PINK, but what makes them sweeter, is that they were only 10 BUCKS! Go Amazon, Go Skull Candy INK'D!

Now, back to the subject at hand...

Music should make you happy and want to move. When I listen to music that I like, I can't help but either sing along or dance, or both!

Man! I used to go to so many shows! It's been so long! There is NOTHING like LIVE MUSIC!

Like I said, Music should be two ways: LOUD! and, AWESOME!

With Love,

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Olivia Carter said...

Oh, you are nice to me! I have a CD for you, I just keep forgetting to give it to you. Bah!

And I stink for not calling you back. I"m going to try to call you tomorrow and set something up. I have the gym and then I'm supposed to take my mom grocery shopping but I'm hoping to have a few free moments tomorrow afternoon, say noonish. Let's talk- maybe the park?

And I agree about music- awesome and loud. I don't really like love songs or slower songs and not really downer songs. I like some. Just not often very many. I'm picky. Scott calls my music circus music. He's probably right.