Thursday, March 25, 2010

Prediabetes, My Vita-Mix 5200, and properly fitted underpants

Okay, so I am TERRIBLY sorry for missing Make up tip Mondays this week. So, to make it up to you, I am going to spout randomness. I know how much you love it.

I am tired.
I have been feeling icky for a while... not sick-icky, but icky like something is wrong... anxious.
I seriously regret purchasing a certain train character shirt for a certain two year old... (He's throwing fits if it needs to be washed, and will only let me put a new shirt on if he gets to wear the train shirt over it...grr)
I just found out I'm prediabetic. (I told you something was wrong-but don't fret lovelies, I'll be okay)
We spent A LOT of money on a brand new Vita Mix 5200, and neither of us regret it one single bit.
I am implementing a lot more raw foods in to my diet and cutting back calories. I do NOT want this to turn in to full blown Diabetes. I.WILL.NOT.LET.THAT.HAPPEN.PERIOD.EXCLAMATION POINT!
I have been very busy lately with my photography. God is GREAT. He blesses me abundantly.
I have a few more jobs lined up, which makes us very VERY happy! (Thank you, Olivia!)
I have now seen Peter Pan A LOT. I don't mind, though.
Husband took me to the Distribution Center and bought me properly fitting underpants. I don't think I have EVER had a pair that fit properly... Either too small or too big, nursing style, or maternity... Now they are amazing, and I can't believe I never tried Cotton/Poly blend before! Yes, I'm talking about underpants in great detail. I'm that cool.
I officially hate BINKYS.
I still haven't seen New Moon because I refuse to rent it at Blockbuster.
Yes, I have added Blockbuster to my boycott list...(Now Walmart won't feel so lonely).
Nobody really listens to me. Ha ha.

With Love,

Post Script: Sorry again about Make up tip Mondays.


Olivia Carter said...

Wow- there is just so much for me to comment on here.

Sorry you are feeling icky, happy you sort of know what it might be, & glad you have a plan for it (IE the vitamix which I gotta see in action)

Amen to the Thomas shirt. I had to same issue with Spiderman (still do occationally)

So glad that you've had some jobs set up for you & I'm glad that I've thrown some work your direction!

Congrats on the underware issue. I still can't quite get mine to fit perfectly but I've slowly prefected my preferences.

Binkies are the worst. Remember my blog post- we're just getting out of it.

You hate BLOCKBUSTER? I love Blockbuster. I'm sad they are going to go out of business.

And can you come over one night & watch New Moon with me? Maybe this weekend? Girls night?

Okay, that was a long response just wanted to get it all in there!

Susan said...

I actually am sad that Blockbuster is going out of business, however. I HATE that they have upped their prices AGAIN, and changed the return policy AGAIN, and have brought back late fees. I will miss going to a video store to pick out a video that is guaranteed in stock, however, I dislike very much having to pay 5 dollars to BORROW a movie. You know? That is why I am boycotting. :( I have mixed feelings about it.

Stacy said...

True story-2 hours ago i watched twilight for the first time. talk about a LOW budget film! It was soo corny-yet-I watched the whole thing. not sure when i will get around to watching new moon

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

Lots and lots here. Yah for good underpants. I was the same way for a few years and just about a year or two ago went and bought a few and then went back a few months later and bought a bunch. It makes a good difference huh! :)

Weird taht I picked that out of the list to talk about :) Haha.

Oh yes and you've been tagged on my blog.