Friday, February 25, 2011


If you don't follow MADE or MADE BY RAE, shame on you! :) Just kidding. But if you are the mother to a boy, and rack your brain trying to find cool creative things to make for him, you need to check these girls out! They are doing a CELEBRATE THE BOY over on their blogs! This is the second annual CELEBRATE THE BOY extravaganza! And it is DEFINITELY WORTH CHECKING OUT! :)


I definitely want to make this. I think my little one will LOVE the messenger bag/car mat.

Seriously, these two ladies are rad. I LOVE their blogs!

With Love,

Some restrictions are good

Well, if you follow me on here, or on one of my other blogs, you probably already know that I am gluten free. I have been gluten free for a while now, (over a year) and am dairy free too. I am also soy free to try to combat my fertility issues. I recently became refined sugar free as well. It was such an easy transition, I couldn't believe it. I am a sweets girl. I love cookies and cakes and cookies and cookies. ha ha. But lately, to be honest, I've found myself not really interested much in sweet things. Who ever would have thought it could be true!

On Valentines day, Husband took me out to dinner. We went to the Texas Roadhouse, (I know, not romantic in the slightest, but we wanted steak) and boy did we get Texas sized portions! I was able to get gluten free options, which was awesome. So many waiters look at me like I have lobsters coming out of my ears when I ask about gluten free... but our server was awesome at the TR, and very helpful and accommodating to my restrictions. I ate about half of my steak, and was almost immediately sick.


I had over eaten, but it was more than that. I had been noticing lately that meat really makes me sick after I eat it. To the point of stomach cramps. The rest of V-day was spent huddled in a ball on the couch totally sick. I am sure everyone experiences an extent of what I feel when I eat meat: Sluggishness, sleepiness, etc. I mean, it takes a lot for our bodies to break down meat!

But my issues go far beyond that. I feel achy, and sick, and as I already mentioned, I get stomach cramps and I am so tired it's crazy.

So after that day, I decided to cut out animal products. Yes. You heard me right. I am following a Vegan diet for a while to see if I feel better. I know that B12 supplements are very important, as well as folic acid and iron. I will eat protein rich foods, (no soy) and I will not forget about my Omegas either. (FINALLY THOSE NUTRITION CLASSES ARE GOING TO COME IN HANDY)!

I have been following a Vegan diet for one week, and I have to tell you that I am not only losing weight faster, I am feeling better than I have in YEARS!

I want to say that I was a vegetarian years ago, and I remember feeling pretty good during that time, (with the exception that I became anemic-something that caused me to start eating chicken and eggs again). But back then, even though I was a vegetarian for over 3 years, I was a complete idiot about it. I didn't actually eat good foods. I just avoided meat. Not exactly a healthy diet. I snacked mostly on breads, (oh if only I knew back then what gluten does to me!) and potatoes and cheese and diet soda. I'm telling you I don't know how I survived that long! I won't even go in to my eating disorder that I developed!

But this time around, I have my health in the forefront of my mind and I am excited to find something that works for me. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to feel good, and not be sick every time I eat!

I think that food is definitely our medicine. If we aren't feeling good, I think food/diet is the first place we should look. Our bodies are wonderful, miraculous things that will tell us when we need to change something. If you are feeling crappy, maybe you should look at your diet and see if it is something you're ingesting.

I am not a doctor or even a nutritionist, but I do know that taking a hard look at my food has changed my life. It has honestly and truly made such a difference in not only my weight, but my overall health and well being. It has also enhanced my mood and I feel like a much happier person. I hope so much that it helps my fertility issues as well, but for right now, I just want to do what is best for my body, and my body is happy that I am following a Vegan diet.

Here's to hoping all of you find your happy foods!

With Love,

Friday, February 4, 2011

Today this post is dedicated to...

Hugh Jackman.

For being the hot face and body of one of my favorite superheroes, but also for being a decent human being.

 Photo courtesy of

I just love that he is throwing a snowball at his daughter in front of the paparazzi. ha! He's awesome.

I'm stoked for the next installment of the Wolverine movies!