Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Pop Art continues!

Yesterday I was lucky enough to photograph my good friend Beth and her amazing little family. You can check out the photo shoot at my photography page.

I did a few things with this family that were really fun, and I think the pictures turned out nicely. I am really proud of these pictures, actually. But, if you want to see them, you can check out the link above. I want to share with you my continuing love for my version of Pop Art. Please enjoy.


I don't know, I still am really digging this. 
With Love, 

Creative Writing Class

Well, yesterday was the last class of a community creative writing class I was taking with my friends Olivia and Debbie. The teacher was Annette Lyon, and she was so great. She was not only a great teacher, but she is also a published author. I loved taking the class from her. Not only is she completely knowledgeable, she is fun, energetic, approachable, and very talented.

Last night, there was a showcase of all the classes that the community had throughout the last six weeks. Each teacher was supposed to pick some students to represent what the class had done, and learned. There were classes in drawing, oil painting, sewing, ballroom dancing, bluegrass, songwriting, and creative writing. My friend Olivia and I were picked to read one of our homework assignments in front of all the students and their families.

I was very, very honored that Annette picked me. I respect her a lot, and her opinion of my work meant a lot to me. It made me feel like this is something I could definitely do, and do well at.

She picked a dialogue scene that I had written, and it needed some tweaking. She gave me some ideas, and I edited it before the show. She hadn't gotten a chance to read the rewrite before the showcase, but after I read it, she came up to me and told me that the rewrite was excellent and that she was happy to see that I was able to take what she had said, and come back with a scene that she thought was very good.

It is very hard for me to share things I have written with others. I don't know why, but it is. So, this was very gratifying in the fact that someone other than my sweet husband thinks I am talented and can write well!

It was an honor to read my dialogue for the showcase, and just to prove it, here is a picture of Olivia and me after the showcase ended.

I also want to say that Olivia's reading was AWESOME! She is very talented, and the scene that she read was really, really good.  And on a side note, isn't Olivia's hair so cute?!

All in all it was a very fun day yesterday, and I left feeling better about my writing capabilities! 
With Love, 

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pop Art

I have been really in to Pop Art lately, and decided to try to learn how to do it using photoshop by checking out online tutorials... It is really hard. I don't know photoshop well enough.

Here are some attempts.

First attempt... not exactly what I want, but I still like the feel of it. 

Second attempt. This is closer, but still not quite right. I decided to scrap this idea, because it was consuming a large portion of my free time. 

 I ended up finding a tutorial that taught me how to do this, (very easy) lithograph. It isn't what I wanted, but it is still something I really like a lot. I would absolutely frame this and hang it in my house. 

With Love, 

Thursday, February 25, 2010

My new wreath

I decided to take down my Valentine's Day wreath and make a new Springtime wreath. It only took me about 20 or so minutes to make, and I think it turned out nicely. I love these colors, and just looking at it hanging on my door makes me feel a little warmer!

Dear Springtime,
Please come soon. I am tired of shivering and looking at brown grass. 

With Love, 

Monday, February 22, 2010

Unexpected Present in my inbox!

After the photo shoot with Elise and Kyle, I emailed these two pictures

to Katie Sokoler of COLOR ME KATIE, (which I blogged about here and here ) because I find a lot of inspiration from her photography. So, I sent it off, thinking, she would NEVER have the time to write me back, and when I opened up my email inbox a few minutes ago, here is what I found.

Hi Susan,

Thanks for contacting me! I'm so happy you enjoy my blog. Your pictures came out great. I love the red shoes =)
Katie Sokoler

I know it's not much... but it made my day! It's so funny, when someone you admire pays you notice, it's like being contacted by a famous person or something! ha ha.

Anyway, no big deal, I just wanted to share my fun little email with the blog-o-sphere.

With Love,


Going along with my idea for make up tip Mondays, I am going to write a little post about EYELINER.

I like to use eye shadow sometimes. Okay, most of the time. I think I get a better outcome with it. I use it with a flat head brush. Usually the brushes are designated either for eyeliner, definition, or eyebrows. Either way, a flat head brush is awesome for this task!

I love to coordinate my eyeliner with the shadows I'm wearing, so it's nice to use eye shadow to line with.

I suggest using a shadow that can be applied wet or dry. Lancome, MAC, Loreal (HIP) Maybelline, all have eye shadows that can be applied wet.

To start, I take my brush and wet it. You don't want it sopping wet, but definitely damp. Squeeze the tip between your fingers if you think there is too much water in the brush.

Take your brush and sweep it a few times across the eye shadow.

Take your brush, and, starting at the outer corner, get as close as you can to the lash line and use light, sweeping motions towards the inner corner. Try to make the outer side a little thicker than the inside, (tapered).

Now, some people, for some looks, should stop there. But, there are times when I want more. So, take your brush, and sweep it across your eye shadow again, and go underneath your eye and gently press it right up against the lash line. Again, taper it so that it is a little thicker towards the outer corner. I recommend going no further than 3/4 the way across your under eye. Try to make that line almost disappear across your eye.

The last thing you want is a heavy line under your eye that just stops.

If you line all the way around your eye, it can make your eyes look smaller, (especially if you line the inside of your eye).

I do use black a lot, but it CAN be too heavy if you aren't careful.

 Try a deep PURPLE, or BROWN liner to make eyes really pop. Purple is amazing on Green and Brown eyes.

Hope that helps! Sorry for no visuals. The last one I did scared people.  Ha Ha.

With Love,

What I have been up to...

Last week was kind of busy for me.

I helped plan a baby shower, by sewing this banner,

putting together the time consuming party favors that I was in charge of, 

and helping out at the party for the next two hours. Because of the baby shower, I missed my creative writing class that I am taking with Debbie and Olivia, which made me sad, because I look forward to my time with them all week. However, it was okay, and I was happy to be at a party for a sweet girl, and socialize with some other sweet girls.

After the party, I had to run over to my father in law's house to apply make up on my sister in law (who came up from Vegas) for her engagement photo shoot. We had a lot of fun, and here are some of my favorite shots.


They were a little sketchy at first about trying some of the things I asked, like the last shot of her flying away, but they were good sports, and we got some good shots. 
I then went in and photo shopped about 20 images, but some I left untouched, (like the last one for example) which took about 2 1/2 - 3 hours. Elise was right there with me, and she likes a very high contrast in pictures, and so most of the pictures came out looking a very specific way. She was extremely happy with them, so that took a lot of pressure off me. I was nervous that none of the pictures would turn out because of the weather. But, I surprised myself, and this weekend was just what I needed to boost my confidence. 

Last night, I had to go online and check out tutorials to try and figure out how to make a wedding announcement for them. This is my first attempt. 


Elise wasn't crazy about the fact that it said: TOGETHER AT LAST. They have been together for about 7 years now, so she didn't want it to emphasize that fact. So, she decided to use a quote from Thomas S. Monson that says, "CHOOSE YOUR LOVE. LOVE YOUR CHOICE." And that is what we ended up using. Here is the finished announcement. 


They both were very happy with the shoot, and all the edited images, and the final announcement. So, that makes me happy! As I already said, it gives me more confidence in my abilities to photograph more than just Ez. 
So, all in all, it was a busy weekend, but it was fun, and very helpful for me. 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, that was busy and fun as well! 

With Love, 

Friday, February 19, 2010

Potties, Lollipops, Big Boy Underpants and James

I have a two year old. He has been interested in the potty for months now, but I try not to push him to do anything he's not ready for. It just stresses the both of us out too much.

So, he's never actually peed or pooped in the potty, but he sits on it sometimes.

He loves trains, especially the Thomas brand. He got Thomas for Christmas from us, Percy from his Uncle Bill, and Bill from his Papa, (just for being sweet). The other day I had the bright idea to buy Toby as incentive to use his potty. I didn't explain this properly, so we had a meltdown when he couldn't open it. After things calmed down a bit, I let him open it. He didn't want to use the potty, or wear his big boy underpants. I felt frustrated and worried that I'd pushed him too soon.

Yesterday, I bought some Dum Dum's as prizes for sitting on the potty (going against everything I believe about rewards). For now he gets a lolli every time he sits on the potty, but when he gets the hang of it, it will only be when he actually goes in the potty.

I also bought James (a character from the Thomas show) as incentive to go in the potty. I explained THOROUGHLY at the store as well as at home how he could HOLD James in the box, but we would NOT be opening it until he goes pee pee in the potty 3 times.

Last night, he woke up from his nap and asked to wear his big boy underpants, (also featuring Thomas, Percy and James). So, from the time he woke up from his nap until he went to bed, (about two and a half hours) he wore big boy underpants, sat on the potty three times, (though the potty stayed dry) and had no accidents, all while holding firmly on to James in the box.

I set a timer on the microwave to go off an hour after he sits on the potty, and that lets us both know it is time to try again.

I know this plan isn't foolproof, and it might not work this time around, but I'm still trying. I'm still determined. I want this to be his choice, but I also want to be done with diapers by the time he's three. Oh, that would be so nice!

Anyway, if anyone out there has tips to help me with it, I would love to hear it!

With Love,

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Some shots from today

Here are some pictures that I took of Ez today.


I just love that boy! 
With Love, 

Monday, February 15, 2010


I'm starting a new post that I am going to try to be consistent on every Monday. Because I am a make up artist, (among other things) I want to help my sista's out there who might be struggling with make up.

Today's tip: EYEBROWS

First, let's start out with tweezing vs waxing.

I am a big tweezer fan over waxing. With tweezing, YOU are in control with how much hair gets plucked out, and if you over tweeze, you can't blame it on accidentally putting too much wax in one spot. I've seen it all too often when girls leave a waxing with a bald spot and a salon's disclaimer in their hands.

Waxing is great, don't get me wrong. You can wax just about anything else, but I recommend tweezing eyebrows.

If you have more questions on HOW to tweeze, I will leave that for another post. Now, on to what this post is really about.

Someone once told me, that when you doll up your eyes, and make them look gorgeous, but neglect your eyebrows, it's like hanging a picture on a wall without a frame. If you want to make your eyes stand out, REALLY stand out, then emphasizing your eyebrows is a MUST.

I LOVE eyebrow powder, but fewer companies use it for some reason. It is applied with a brush, and I think it looks much more natural. Most of the time, women (or men) get a little too heavy handed with the eyebrow pencil,
and it can create scary eyebrows. Scary eyebrows is NOT the effect you want to go with. 

If you can't find an eyebrow powder to use, try an eye shadow that is slightly lighter than your natural color, and apply it with an eyeliner brush wet. Go along your natural line, and dab it in. Remember, you are just trying to fill in the area so they are a little more defined, not drawing NEW eyebrows. 

If this doesn't sound good to you, try an eye brow pencil. The nice thing about these, is you can find more natural hair colors. 

RED HAIR: Try a WARM BROWN or (if the cosmetics line has one,) a color designated for RED HEADS
BLACK HAIR: Go with a WARM DARK BROWN. If you are Asian, Middle Eastern, or Black, try a BLACK/SOFT BLACK color, but USE CAUTION NOT TO MAKE IT LOOK UNNATURAL! 
GRAY HAIR: Go with a GRAY color if possible. 

Take your pencil, and if it isn't sharp, gently "sharpen it" by rolling it on a tissue to get a point on the end. 

Hold your pencil the same way you hold a writing pencil. Using a light touch, gently use brush strokes, kind of like you are drawing hairs. If you have an old (clean) mascara wand, or an eyebrow brush, brush your eyebrows to blend it in. You can also use an eyebrow brush if you've gone a little to heavy in one spot to blend it out.

It's easy with some practice! Next time you want your eyes to really stand out, (in a GOOD WAY) Remember not to neglect those brows! :)

With Love,


Has anyone else had to take classes they weren't in to, just to get further along in school? I'm kind of sick of taking classes I don't give a rip about!



Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lovey Dovey

Because today is Valentine's day, I am going to post a little something about Husband.

I met Husband when I was 21 years old, and planning on serving a mission for my church. I had just moved back to Utah from California after a long, and arduous break-up and recovery from said break-up. I felt like gravity was pulling me East rather than securely keeping my feet planted where they were. I didn't know why I would need to be in Utah, but I knew I had to be there. So, with about $100 in my pocket, some gas money to get there, and a suitcase full of clothes, I drove back out across the salt flats.

Within a day I had found a place to live, and within a week I found a job.

Around the same time, my friend Jeff, was coming home from Zurich, Switzerland, after serving a mission for our church. I went to his homecoming party, and that is where I first lay eyes on the future Husband. He was wearing these nerdy black framed glasses, and had an amazing smile.

One night, a few days later, I was hanging out with Jeff and some other people, and Husband was there too. Apparently he had had the worst day earlier that day, and was telling a very animated story about what had happened.

He made me smile, and at that moment something in me changed. I didn't know his name, only his smile. So, I decided to introduce myself. I thought he was another friend of Jeff's, but it turns out he wasn't who I thought he was. When I said, "You must be so and so," he smiled and said, "I wish I were." Then he told me his name, and for some reason, it sounded familiar. It was really strange. I knew I had read, or seen that name before, and it bothered me the rest of the night, though not enough to distract me from that smile.

I came home, and looked through all the letters I had from Jeff that he had written me throughout his mission, and then, I found it. Jeff had sent me a picture in the second letter he had written me. There were four boys, and as I looked at the picture, all of these feelings came flooding back from two years prior.

When I had first received the letter with the picture, I remember looking at it and seeing the names on the back, and being drawn to this one boy in particular. I had this feeling that he was going to be a big part of my life. "That's CRAZY!" I thought. But this feeling kept nagging me to write this boy a letter and start a correspondence. I ignored it completely. I was in a bad relationship at the time, and didn't want to get out of it for some crazy reason, and felt that it wouldn't be right to have a boyfriend and write another boy at the same time.

So, all those buried feelings came rushing back when I saw the name on the back of that photograph, and I realized that perhaps this boy in the picture was why I had felt I needed to move back to Utah.

Over the next few months we started hanging out almost every night. Then, Husband asked if he could go with me on a road trip to see where I was from.

On that road trip, EVERYTHING changed. He became more to me than a friend, and though I didn't know it yet, I had become more to him as well.

When we got home to Utah, things felt different between us, though neither of us really addressed it.

Two days later, on Halloween, we were hanging out at Jeff's house for a Halloween party, and Husband asked if I wanted to share the loveseat, and then if I wanted to share a blanket. Then, he tried, so awkwardly to put his arm around me and make his move to being more than friends. He was struggling with the right opportunity to put his arm around me, and so I helped him out. I leaned in to him and put my hand on his other hand under the blanket. We were holding hands! Then, he felt more comfortable to put his arm around me. His heart was beating so fast and hard, I could feel it pounding.

After the movie was over, and everyone went upstairs to leave, Husband tugged my hand to stay down stairs. He hugged me close, and I gave him a little (inside joke) advice. "Why haven't you kissed me yet, you jackass?" I laughed, thinking we could laugh it off, but then, he kissed me. Even though it was a little awkward, (I found out later that it was his first kiss) it was magical. That kiss instantly made me happy-and kept me happy throughout the next day!

Things moved pretty fast after that. By February 28th, I was wondering where things were going. (The story of this night is a LONG one, so I will save it for another time) but by the end of the night, I was leaving, and crying, and was pretty sure things were going to be over, though I didn't tell Husband that. He chased me to my car, and sat with me. In a very strange, and spiritual experience, he asked me to marry him. "Are you sure?" I asked.
"Yes. Will you marry me?" He said again.

I didn't know what to think, what to do, but I knew the answer was yes, and I told him so. I couldn't believe it. I was getting married to the boy with the black rimmed glasses and the beautiful smile.

Two months later, on May 10th, we were married for eternity, and our life together took a new turn.

We are now Mr. and Mrs. Husband, and as I sit here now, I can't believe it's been as long as it has. We were two crazy kids in love. Things moved and happened so fast, it's amazing we knew what we were doing, though maybe we didn't know. We just knew it was right and we needed to be together. It was gravity. Gravity has kept us together.

I know he is my soul mate. I know we are supposed to be together. I know that no matter what life brings us, as long as we are together we will be able to get through anything. (Ask me about it sometime if you are interested, we've already been through a lot and tested that theory).

8 years later, and I love him more deeply than I thought possible. I love this man so much.

When I look at that picture, I still get those butterflies and get that feeling that told me, "This boy is going to be a big part of your life." Boy oh boy, I had no idea!

(This was taken at about half way point from the wedding and now). 
Cyndi Lauper concert, Las Vegas, 2006.

I still find myself looking at him some days and thinking, "Why did he choose me? He's way too hot for me!"

With Love,

Thursday, February 11, 2010


In the last week, I have taken my son down a death trap, (also known as a twirly slide) and twisted his ankle. I have whacked him in the face with a screen door, (Daddy was carrying him, and I thought Daddy had the door) and today, to top off the glorious week, I just smashed his left thumb in the door jam. Anything else, and I'm afraid they're going to take him away from me! Honestly, could I mangle my child any more? It is ridiculous.

Anyone else out there have a week like this?! Am I the only one?! Help me friends! Lift my spirits! I can't be such an accidentally terrible mother!

With Love,

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gluten Free Choco-PB cookies!

Well, nothing says delicious like chocolate and peanut butter! I received a cookie recipe that is FLOURLESS from my husband's step-mom, but it is just peanut butter. Although they taste good, I am always looking for ways to add more deliciousness to existing recipes. I love to tweak things and make them my own.

We're lucky I got what pictures I did! Husband came home last night and saw them in the fridge and scarfed down half of them! Then, this morning, my sweetheart let me sleep while he took care of little man, and by the time I got up there were only two left. That's right, Ez had a LOT of cookies for breakfast. That's okay. It's not like mommy hasn't been guilty of chocolate cake breakfast, or cookies for dinner.

So, on to the recipe!

1 Cup powdered honey (or you can use sugar)
2 eggs (I use Large eggs)
1 Tbsp gluten free vanilla (no caramel coloring allowed!)
3/4 Cup Peanut Butter (I use Skippy Natural-Delicious!)
1/3 Cup cocoa powder (I buy it in bulk at the Natural food store)
1 Cup Semi Sweet chocolate chips

Put powdered honey, eggs and vanilla in a bowl and mix it for about a minute or two until it's nice and creamy. Then add the peanut butter, and cocoa powder and mix for another minute. Add the chocolate chips and just mix until they are well mixed in.

If the cookie dough makes it from this stage to the pans, GOOD JOB!

With whatever dough you have left, (ha ha) use a teaspoon to put down some dollops on to an ungreased cookie sheet, (I have wilton non stick cookie sheets, but I don't think it really matters) flatten them a little, (mine were about 1/4 inch thick) with the back of a spoon or fork, and place them in a preheated 350 degree oven for about 8 minutes. Pull them out and make sure they aren't gooey. You can continue to cook them for another 2 minutes if you think they aren't finished yet. Be careful though, because they can burn pretty fast!

Now, pull them out, let them cool, eat and enjoy. (If you get one before they are scarfed up by your family!)


With Love,

Monday, February 8, 2010


I love love love love the Dollar Tree sometimes!

Today I decided to see if they had any flowers and other supplies to make a festive wreath for Valentines Day. I am feeling as though our house needs a pick me up, and so I purchased some silk flowers, one of those green things you put flowers in, (I don't know what they are called, and I found a circular one) some florist tape, and I came home and put together a wreath for Love Day. I think I might leave it up all month long.

I crocheted a chain to hang it with, and this is the finished result.


Taking these pictures made me realize how dirty our front door is, and that I should probably spend a little more time noticing and fixing things like that. 
So, dirty door aside, that is my Love Wreath! 

Have you done any crafts for Love Month?

With Love, 

A few thoughts...

After a seemingly long week, one filled with bouts of depression, sprained ankles, slips in the mud, anxiety attacks, guilt, and other glorious things, I am going to take a minute to relax and reflect.

I would like to make a thankful list.

1. I am thankful for my sweet husband and my beautiful, sweet son.
2. I am thankful for wonderful friends and extended family who support me relentlessly.
3. I am thankful for the gospel of Jesus Christ
4. I am thankful that I live in this country.
5. I am thankful that I am relatively healthy, (the relatively part is my own fault)
6. I am thankful for my talents
7. I am thankful for people who read my blog, because it makes me feel that much more cared about!
8. I am thankful for my husband's job, and the money he is able to earn for our family.
9. I am thankful for education.
10. I am thankful for dreams.

I would like to make a list of things that make me smile and/or happy.

1. New nail polish
2. Good movies
3. Unexpected phone calls from friends.
4. Witnessing kindness.
5. Creating something.
6. Silly inside jokes, (as long as I'm on the inside)
7. Pajamas
8. Warm weather
9. Lip gloss
10. pedicures
11. Baby animals.
12. Homemade gluten-free oreo cookies
13. New socks
14. Scarves
15. Children laughing

I realize that my thankful list is smaller than my happy list, but maybe I should just combine them. They are really the same list.

I am so grateful that my son is healthy and happy. I can't explain the desperation I felt when he was so sick last year. I am glad we were able to figure it out, with the help of my Heavenly Father.

I have to say, that it breaks my heart to watch him crawl around to move right now. He's been walking for so long, it is strange to see him crawling again, and I just want to cry when I see him do it because I feel so bad that he is hurting and I can do nothing for him.

This post is really random, but my heart is just so full of gratitude and I needed to write it down.

With Love,

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lori Loo


Is this girl hot, or what? This is my friend Lori Loo. She is not only gorgeous, she is kind, generous, full of life, and HILARIOUS! 
I first met Lori at Gottschalks in Chico, CA. I was applying for a job at the Lancome counter, and she worked at Estee Lauder. I walked up to her counter while waiting for my interview and she looked bored as hell. 

When I got the job, Lori and I quickly became shift buddies, and I would be seriously bummed if I came in to work and she wasn't there. Shifts were so lame when I didn't have Lori to make silly faces at me, or to spray Youth Dew on me. Gag. I think I got her back once by spraying Magi Noir in to a fan and blowing it in her direction. Anyone reading this who doesn't know what I am talking about, next time you go to a department store, go smell those two perfumes and you will understand how funny this is.


There was the girl who came in every once in a while and breathed through her mouth and just kind of stared and walked around the counter but never really talked, but giggled to herself and made me feel especially nervous. 

There were the endless nights of Napoleon Dynamite quotes, and laughing until we almost peed, though I think I actually did pee once or twice. 

Lori has been there through a lot of hard times for me. She has always been supportive and never failed to amaze me. Her friendship is so precious to me. She sat and listened as I cried and cried because I couldn't get pregnant, and hugged me without a word when my grandfather died. She knew I couldn't talk about it, she knew I just needed a hug. 

Every once in a while, you meet someone truly truly special- someone you know that you have known in another life.

Sometimes we go a few months without talking, and that breaks my heart, but then, when we do get the chance to talk, it's as if no time has passed at all. We laugh, and sometimes we cry, but we are there for each other. 

I am so happy that I am a part of her life, and that she is a part of mine. I miss her like crazy, and if we do get to move back to Chico next year, I will be so happy that I will get to not only talk to her, I will get to see her beautiful, sunshiney face whenever I can! 

Lori, I love you mucho, and you are truly one of my best friends. I know I can count on you for anything, and that means the world to me. You are an angel. 

Doesn't she look amazing?! I just got this picture in my email today. I am so happy for her. She is going to be a mommy, and I just want to kiss her little baby bump! 

Thank you for letting me be a part of this time in your life, my beautiful friend.

Love you long time, 

Little Foot

We bought an ACE bandage today. They even had tiny sized ones. So, here are some sad pictures of Daddy wrapping Ez's little foot.

I know the pictures aren't the best, but I just wanted you to see his little foot all wrapped up.

He's doing a lot better, but he's still in pain when he tries to walk. Poor little one.

With Love,

Friday, February 5, 2010

Twisted Ankle

Yesterday, I took Ez to a park, and we were having lots of fun running around, and I decided to go down the twirly slide with Ez. All was well until his right foot got caught between my leg and the slide, and as we were going down, his ankle twisted and he screamed in pain.

It isn't swollen, bruised or bothering him constantly, but he can't put weight on it without screaming and crying. I'm not entirely sure what to do. Would it be swollen if it were broken? Could it be sprained, or just bruised? It has turned my rambunctious, energetic little one, in to a snuggly, movie watcher.

I think I'm going to call the doctor's office and see what he thinks I should do. I feel so bad. If I had just let him go down by himself, this wouldn't have happened. BAH!

Anyway, I'll keep you posted.

With Love,

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Today, (SIGH) Today.

Today started out kind of strange. I felt a lingering sense of doom and gloom. I tried to ignore it as much as possible, but it remained. No matter how sweet my husband was, no matter how funny and cute my son was, I remained in a state of perpetual sadness and encroaching anxiety.

I hate that I get this way every once in a while, and I especially hate it when there is no apparent reason behind it. However, I should count my blessings that there ISN'T something behind it, shouldn't I?

Even as I sit here, typing my feelings in a somewhat coherent jumble, my mind is shrouded in a dark cloud. I am sad. I am homesick. I miss my friends, and my family. I feel cut off from everything and everyone. Even though I know I have good friends here, who I'm sure I could call up and say, "Hey, I need to be cheered up," I am missing the friends I haven't seen in years, and the place I used to call home.

Is it still home if your family has left?

I feel so nervous and so anxious to know what is going to happen after this year, that I'm having trouble enjoying the here and now. I don't want to feel unhappy. I don't want to be moody and brooding. I want to be happy, energetic, optimistic and all around joyful. I want to laugh until it hurts and then laugh some more. I want to feel so much joy that it feels like sunshine in my bones.

I just want to feel like I can get through a day without wanting to cry. I'm not entirely sure how to do that. I'm not entirely sure if it's possible.

Not to worry. I am sure this feeling will pass in a day or two. I just wish these days never came around.

With Love,

Feeling Inspired To Make The World More Beautiful

Honestly, I'm so sad I only just recently found COLOR ME KATIE in the last few days. She is so fun, and energetic! Here are some of my favorite photos from her site. Honestly, she is so creative and exciting, it makes me want to try new things!


I just love all these pictures. She is so fun. I think everyone should start her day with a little dose of COLOR ME KATIE! 
With Love,