Sunday, February 28, 2010

Creative Writing Class

Well, yesterday was the last class of a community creative writing class I was taking with my friends Olivia and Debbie. The teacher was Annette Lyon, and she was so great. She was not only a great teacher, but she is also a published author. I loved taking the class from her. Not only is she completely knowledgeable, she is fun, energetic, approachable, and very talented.

Last night, there was a showcase of all the classes that the community had throughout the last six weeks. Each teacher was supposed to pick some students to represent what the class had done, and learned. There were classes in drawing, oil painting, sewing, ballroom dancing, bluegrass, songwriting, and creative writing. My friend Olivia and I were picked to read one of our homework assignments in front of all the students and their families.

I was very, very honored that Annette picked me. I respect her a lot, and her opinion of my work meant a lot to me. It made me feel like this is something I could definitely do, and do well at.

She picked a dialogue scene that I had written, and it needed some tweaking. She gave me some ideas, and I edited it before the show. She hadn't gotten a chance to read the rewrite before the showcase, but after I read it, she came up to me and told me that the rewrite was excellent and that she was happy to see that I was able to take what she had said, and come back with a scene that she thought was very good.

It is very hard for me to share things I have written with others. I don't know why, but it is. So, this was very gratifying in the fact that someone other than my sweet husband thinks I am talented and can write well!

It was an honor to read my dialogue for the showcase, and just to prove it, here is a picture of Olivia and me after the showcase ended.

I also want to say that Olivia's reading was AWESOME! She is very talented, and the scene that she read was really, really good.  And on a side note, isn't Olivia's hair so cute?!

All in all it was a very fun day yesterday, and I left feeling better about my writing capabilities! 
With Love, 


Olivia Carter said...

Oh gosh, you are nice. Yours was AMAZING. Seriously. So good. Glad we got to do it together!

Susan said...

I know! I was really glad you were there! :)

Annette Lyon said...

Susan, I'm going to miss seeing you regularly too!

I hope you'll keep on writing that movie in your head and that we'll be able to catch up at writing conferences and the like.

You rock!

Jessica G. said...

You did a great job on the reading! How were you not nervous? I was dying when it was my turn. There were more people there than I thought would come!