Monday, February 22, 2010


Going along with my idea for make up tip Mondays, I am going to write a little post about EYELINER.

I like to use eye shadow sometimes. Okay, most of the time. I think I get a better outcome with it. I use it with a flat head brush. Usually the brushes are designated either for eyeliner, definition, or eyebrows. Either way, a flat head brush is awesome for this task!

I love to coordinate my eyeliner with the shadows I'm wearing, so it's nice to use eye shadow to line with.

I suggest using a shadow that can be applied wet or dry. Lancome, MAC, Loreal (HIP) Maybelline, all have eye shadows that can be applied wet.

To start, I take my brush and wet it. You don't want it sopping wet, but definitely damp. Squeeze the tip between your fingers if you think there is too much water in the brush.

Take your brush and sweep it a few times across the eye shadow.

Take your brush, and, starting at the outer corner, get as close as you can to the lash line and use light, sweeping motions towards the inner corner. Try to make the outer side a little thicker than the inside, (tapered).

Now, some people, for some looks, should stop there. But, there are times when I want more. So, take your brush, and sweep it across your eye shadow again, and go underneath your eye and gently press it right up against the lash line. Again, taper it so that it is a little thicker towards the outer corner. I recommend going no further than 3/4 the way across your under eye. Try to make that line almost disappear across your eye.

The last thing you want is a heavy line under your eye that just stops.

If you line all the way around your eye, it can make your eyes look smaller, (especially if you line the inside of your eye).

I do use black a lot, but it CAN be too heavy if you aren't careful.

 Try a deep PURPLE, or BROWN liner to make eyes really pop. Purple is amazing on Green and Brown eyes.

Hope that helps! Sorry for no visuals. The last one I did scared people.  Ha Ha.

With Love,


Brenda Lee said...

you're a makeup genuis!

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

Now you just gotta do it on my face. :)

Susan said...

Bren-Thank you. :)

Debbie-OKAY! :) I love teaching people new tricks!