Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My favorite things about today...

So, I have been feeling pretty yucky lately. Not the contagious type of yucky, but just not entirely myself.

To start things off, I took Ez to an animal science museum in town, and since he is feeling better, he was going like crazy looking at all the animals, and wound himself up in to a coughing fit at the museum. The coughing fit resulted in him barfing up his snack on me. Nice. He got a little on me, himself, and the carpet... SSHHH. I took his jacket off, (what got the brunt of the puke) and wiped it off the carpet...

So, I bought him a little wolf stuffy at the gift shop, and don't you think he looks so cute?

#1 Favorite thing from today... How adorable Ez is wearing his Thomas the train glasses, sipping his juice box, and holding his new little wolf.


#2 favorite thing about today, Daddy making a basketball hoop for Ez. (Ez's obsessed with basketball hoops lately).


#3 favorite thing about today... smelling like puke of course! 

With Love, 


Olivia Carter said...

Ah poor fellow! Hope he feels better soon & thanks for inviting us. I would have much rather hung with you then elbowed my way through WalMart with a disabled woman & two toddlers.

Pattee said...

I do hope he feels better and that you and Bryan can get some rest too. great pictures of EZRA

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

Oh poor guy. He does look adorable in those classes!

I love that not only is it a hoop but he's turning it orange with yarn. So cute.