Monday, March 29, 2010

New Moon...Finally.

Well, since I refused to rent it from Blockbuster and pay $4.99, I have been a little SOL because Redbox has been out of New Moon everywhere I have checked. Until today, that is. Thank you Macey's!

I never gave Twilight a proper review... HATED IT! No, not really, but it wasn't great. Not by any means. I liked it for what it was, but wasn't crazy about the version that was produced, so my expectations for New Moon, (By the way... one of my LEAST favorite books in the series... a close second to BREAKING DAWN...gag) were LOW LOW LOW.

However, just like Harry Potter, no matter how bad the movie versions are, I will watch all the movies because I liked the books enough to put up with the hoaky stuff.

Here are my thoughts on the movie:

Thank GOODNESS they got rid of Catherine Hardwick (? I think that's the directors name) and got a decent director. You can tell just by watching the first few minutes that there is a different feel to New Moon. Allow me to interject something... I was ABSOLUTELY NOT A BOOK-JACOB FAN. He bugged me so much. If I cared enough to be on a team, it would have been team EDWARD. However, having said that, I like the spin they took on Jacob in this movie. He was so much less annoying, and dare I say it? Hot. ha ha. Okay, but honestly, Book Jacob was irritating as hell.

The book New Moon was very uninteresting to me until the last hundred or so pages which involved the Volturri and Edward's return. However, the movie kept my attention and I must say that I liked that Bella was kind of falling for Jacob. I actually found myself almost (ALMOST) routing for him... even if he did say that dreaded line from the book... you know the one... The one I hate... Please don't make me say it... Okay, Okay! "It's a wolf thing." Blech! I actually just gagged a little bit.

I LOVED the glimpse of Bella as a vampire, however much Bella annoys me. Really? Kristen Stewart? I mean, don't get me wrong, Kristen Stewart is fine and all, but not who I pictured Bella to be, at all... Though, I'm getting off track again.

My complaint about this movie? Not enough motorcycles. Yes, you read that right. My other complaint? Jasper kind of bugged me too... And what the heck was all that talk about Vampires in the school hallway in front of other kids??? Um, did anyone else catch this?

On to what I liked about the movie. The Volturri scenes were awesome, in my opinion. I really loved the detail. Jane...AKA Dakota Fanning was exactly who I pictured when I read the book... However, I'm not a big DF fan. I pictured her as Jane, maybe 5-7 years ago before she got awkward.

I loved how Charlie seemed more like his book character in this one than the last movie. I wish they had spent more time explaining the history of the Cullens, which is what I loved about the book. Although, I can't remember if it was New Moon or Eclipse that talked about it. Anyway, that was my favorite part of the books, the alternate world that SM created, grammatical and spelling errors aside. I was disappointed that they didn't spend more time and effort on talking about Carlisle and how he became involved with Aro and the others. I hope that Eclipse talks more about it. It seems a shame to me to leave it out. Maybe they'll save it for Breaking Dawn? They're going to need a rabbit in a hat to make that movie any good. Yikes.

I also loved how Kristen Stewart was allowed to finish a complete sentence in this movie. Did you notice that in Twilight? There were all sorts of... "Yeah but..." and "How can you..." and playing with her hair in that one. "Your hand... It's...It's so...cold." It took her two minutes, what would take anyone else 10 seconds to say. Twilight had the Captain Kirk of Bella Swan's... probably thanks to that lame director. Seriously, awful. 

Anyway, all in all I liked the movie. A LOT more than I expected to like it. However, I am NOT looking forward to seeing Bryce Howard as the new Victoria... All I can think when I look at her is M. Night Shyamalamadingdong, and those AWFUL movies he makes... Sorry, I won't go there... I know how much people love him. (I'm rolling my eyes) ha ha. We shall see...

What can I say? I guess when it comes to movies I'm a little hard to please.

New Moon: It is what it is, and it wasn't so bad. Actually, (I'm looking around to see if anyone is eavesdropping) it was pretty good.

With Love,


Olivia Carter said...

Wow- you have really strong opinions.

I agree- New Moon was so much better than Twilight & from what I've seen Eclipse looks like its gonna be good- you're going to the midnight showing with me next time, right? You better be!

I don't mind Victoria. But you know how you & I disagree on M. Night Shamala movies. I love 'em.

And, yes, Breaking Dawn is going to just be awful. I cringe to to even think about it.

Brenda Lee said...

I totally agree with most of what you have written here. Especially the Jacob stuff. That's exactly how I felt. I hope they go into Cullen history too! Very interesting! I'm so sad about Victoria. I have to say I don't agree at all about Breaking Dawn though. I am so psyched about that movie!!!!!!
Face Punch!

Susan said...

Brenda, you LIKED that book?! OMGoodness! ha ha. That's cool though. :)