Saturday, July 18, 2009

Time outs

So, recently I've been trying to be diligent in giving constructive discipline to my almost-two-year-old. He is at the age where he is constantly pushing buttons, and when his favorite word is, of course, "NO!"

When he gets mad, we try to talk it out. When that doesn't work, and he starts throwing things out of frustration, we move on to time out. This involves sitting him on the stairs while I sit with him and talking about what he did and why it wasn't a good choice.

He is still learning, and so am I, but I must say that time out works at least for a few minutes... until the next throwing episode, when we have to start all over again!

Just a side note...

Today we went to a store with a $10 gift card and we picked out two cars from the movie CARS. He loves Chick for some reason... Anyway, we got them for free basically... and today when we got home he got upset (he hadn't had his nap yet) and threw Chick across the room. I immediately took Chick away from him and walked him to the stairs and explained that we don't throw Chick when we are upset, because we should talk about why we are upset, and what we need.

Since then, he has been walking around waving his arm as if throwing something and saying, "DON'T CHICK!"

I just thought it was funny.

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