Saturday, July 25, 2009

Moms and Poops

Today, for the second morning in a row, my son has woken up 1-2 hours early screaming. I go in to his room, only to find POOP(!) dripping down his legs and puddling on the sheets below. Of course, he can't help but jump up and down when he's in his crib, so you can imagine the mess...

I don't know what he's been eating differently. I really can not recall anything out of the ordinary in the last two days that would have caused such a runny mess. I especially can't think of anything different that he's had right before bed. I don't know, maybe he's sick.

Being sick could be a possibility because the child touches everything and lately is always sucking on his fingers, (something I think he picked up in Nursery from one of the other children).

The only thing that somewhat debunks this theory is that he isn't acting sick. He's laughing and jumping and has a ton of energy.

I have discovered that as you become a mother poop just becomes something you get used to. It's just an everyday occurrence kind of like, laundry. You don't like to deal with it, but it's there, and if you don't take care of it the pile will only get bigger.

Yesterday morning, I tried my best not to get poop on me when I carried him from his bed to the tubby for a washing, but alas, after he was in the tubby splashing around I looked in the mirror, only to find poop smeared across my chest. Now, instead of panicking and running around crying and waving my arms spastically because a speck of poop has touched my skin, I calmly grabbed some toilet paper, wiped it, soaped my chest a little and rinsed it off and went about my daily business.

Just another day in mommyhood.

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