Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ringo Starr by Farr

I am forewarning you that this is a really dorky post.

We watch a lot of Thomas the Tank Engine here in this household. I have heard MANY MANY MANY narrators... okay, I have really only heard 4 or so, (George Carlin, Alec Baldwin, Michael Brandon, Pierce Brosnan).

I bought the video, The Great Discovery for Ez last year when his train obsession started, and that one has Pierce Brosnan on it. I got so used to hearing him narrate that when I heard some of the others in the older stories, it didn't sound right.

Well, I "rented" a video from the library called The Best of Percy, (Percy is Ez's favorite) and was surprised to hear in one of the stories, the voice of Ringo Starr. HE IS BY FAR THE BEST NARRATOR FOR THIS SERIES!

I know this post sounds like I care which narrator is telling the story, like I'm a big fan or something, but let me explain. When you have a two year old who wants to watch Thomas the Tank Engine over and over, it helps when the voice doesn't grate on your nerves.



Olivia Carter said...

Ah.... that's sweet! Who knew it was Ringo. I can't get either of my kids into Thomas yet but I'm working on it.

Susan said...

Olivia! Have them come over and watch it. Ez loves it!