Friday, January 8, 2010

King of the Hill and Homemade Steaks

Well, last night at 9PM my husband came home from work, and we had a long talk about how sad I was, and what could be done about it. You see, I get the blues from time to time... especially in the winter, and I'm not always nice, though I don't mean to be that way.

Anyway, after a long, hard cry, my beautiful husband told me that he knew what would make me feel better. I lay down on the couch, and because I had a horrible headache from crying, he brought me some Ibuprofen and water from our new kitchen faucet, and cooked me up some Omaha steaks... he even gave me the big half.

As we chomped on our rare steaks, we flipped through the channels, and landed on King of the Hill. It was back to back episodes of hilarity.

After a very long day, I felt warm and content. I also laughed, which after the day I had yesterday, felt so amazing.

I cuddled with the love of my life, and felt loved and appreciated... and genuinely happy.

We went to bed around 11:30, but sadly, I was suffering a bit of insomnia last night, and lay in bed for hours and hours with only my thoughts to keep me company as I listened to my love breathing in and out.

This morning came a little too early, but my sweetheart got up with our son so that I could sleep, and today is much, much better.

I feel so loved and cared for, but summer won't come fast enough this year.

For those of you who might be reading this, I say this: Steaks, King of the Hill and love can pretty much cure anything. But, if you suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affected Disorder) like I do, be sure that you do a few things to help get you through it. Get out of the house, watch funny movies-even if you don't feel like it, call a friend that cheers you up, find a creative outlet, and get a little exercise... if you can, go get a tan at a tanning salon. I think I will try that next.

Until summer comes, let's dream of the tropics!

With love,


Olivia Carter said...

We should go tanning together- I love a good tan. And a good steak for that matter.

Glad your hubby was able to care for you & that we were able to chat today!

Let me know if I can ever do anything for ya!

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

Love King of the Hill. It's so darn funny I just giggle thinking of my favorite lines. What a super hubby you have to come home and do just what you needed.

If you ever need to get out of the house I totally think you, me, Liv should all go out to dinner sometime! I love hanging out with girls and I can totally tell a difference with my days when I get a bit of time away from the the house.

Glad today was better for ya.

Strawberry Girl said...

There are some blue light emitters up at Costco that I really wish I could get a hold of (well one anyway) they are supposed to help with SAD, and yes I get that way too... not fun...

(But at least hubby helped to cheer you up) :)