Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Monster in the Laundry Room

In our little basement apartment, our laundry room houses the water heaters and furnaces for not only our apartment, but our neighbors upstairs, (who are wonderful). Last night, at around 8 pm, as I was getting Ez ready for bedtime, this wretched, LOUD, screaming sound started coming from the laundry room. It scared both Ez and myself. It would happen about every 7-8 minutes.

I called the neighbors, and we figured out that it must be their furnace, because it had stopped blowing heat at about the same time. They thought it was something we were doing, and I thought it might be something they were doing, and we laughed about how her children thought it was a monster making that noise. I must admit, it was a little frightening. I shut the furnaces off for both upstairs and downstairs, so it would at least stop making that awful noise.

Now I am waiting for the maintenance man to come and fix it, so the monster stops screaming.

It scared Ez enough last night that it was the first thing he talked about this morning when he woke up. "Mommy, pipes in there, SCREAMING." (I originally thought it was the pipes).

It made for an interesting night if nothing else.

However, on a happier (Is that the right word?) note:

I think Ez is sick, because last night he fell asleep around 9 pm, (it took an hour to get the screaming to stop in the laundry room) and didn't wake up this morning until a quarter to 10!

For those of you who know us, you may remember me saying a few times here and there that my son wakes up at 7:30 regardless of what time he goes to bed. So, when he woke up, we were shocked that we had been able to sleep in this morning!

I hate when Ez is sick, because he's miserable, but I must admit that sleeping in is AMAZING.

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