Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Falafels, Teapots and Crazy hair

Here are a few of my favorite things from today...

Ez asks for "Crazy hair" almost daily now. It tears my husband and me up every time we do it, because he looks so grown up with wax in his hair.

Gluten-free Falafels... They are amazing. I love Mediterranean food, and falafels are like, Mediterranean Hush Puppies, (which I also love). I was so happy to find these tasty things a few weeks ago. I have been saving them for a day much like today when I needed something delicious.

It's not much, but it's my stainless steel teapot. I love tea. I think I'm going to make it a habit to have herbal tea every night before bed.

With Love,

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Olivia Carter said...

His crazy hair is SO CUTE! We had a blast with you guys, even if it was only for a little bit (since I suck & was late) but I still had fun!

I love herb tea especially when I'm on the edge of sick, like right now. So good!