Monday, April 12, 2010


Hello again my lovelies!

Today I'm doing something a LITTLE BIT DIFFERENT. I am going to review a few products, but I've also added PICTURES to help illustrate a few points I have made in previous posts.

Today I am reviewing a new product I purchased about a week ago, called PHOTO READY by REVLON.

I purchased the liquid foundation and the powder foundation for $11.96 each. It's a little pricey for my taste right now, seeing as we're "starving" students, but it is still a LOT cheaper than Lancome's PHOTOGENIC. (Right around $30.00 each).

Anyway, the technology of the Photo Ready line is basically this: It has light reflecting pigments in it so that it doesn't give you a white mask in photos... Do you know what I am talking about when I say a white mask?

Allow me to illustrate this by showing you a garish photo of me in October of last year, wearing STUDIO FIX powder foundation from MAC.

Now, as you can see I have done a LOT wrong with this look... It looked fine until the flash bulbs came out. You see, I was going for a more natural look, which meant powder, blush, mascara, lipgloss... but as you can see when the light hit my face, I got the white mask. You can see EXACTLY where my foundation stops if you zoom in to my neck line... but don't do that... it will probably scare you.

You can see I also did not do my eyebrows, which looked fine because I didn't doll up my eyes at all, but as you can see, I look washed out and not-so-hot.

Now, the Photo Ready foundation, instead of absorbing light and making you look like I did all those months ago, it reflects light to give you a well balanced, even look, and if you match your foundation right, you won't be able to tell where your foundation stops...

Now, on to the review...

Here I am with NO MAKEUP. (Please forgive the stylish hair-ha ha).

Here I am with my war paint. I have used a foundation brush to apply foundation in the areas I need it... Yes, I need it all over... don't judge me.

Now I have blended it in with my foundation brush. See how much more even my skin looks?

Now I have added the powder... Take in to consideration that I am using a flash in these pictures. Can you see my foundation line? hmm???

Here I am after applying blush to the APPLES of my cheeks using my fancy new flat head blush brush #4 from Sonia Kashuk. The trick is to use circular strokes, starting at the front and working your way back. I used a light pink... not as bright as I would like, but I'm out of my cosmopolitan pink... I'll have to check out blushes at Nordy's next time I go.

For those of you who might not have believed me when I said in a previous post that it is a MUST to do your eyebrows when you doll up your eyes, behold. Tell me the truth, can you see the difference?! In case this picture isn't evidence enough for you, here's another one...

Can you see it now?!

How about now? Can you tell I look much more put together? Just by filling in my eyebrows... my eyes stand out like I want them too.

Lip liner and lip gloss of course...

Over all, I would say that this product, the Photo Ready by Revlon is pretty good, and pretty bargain-priced for what it does... be careful though when you snuggle up to your sweetheart, because it does show up on clothing... just to warn you.

I hope this was semi-helpful. What do you think of the pictures? Should I continue to use photos in MTM's?

Until next time, Peace out.

With Love,


Olivia Carter said...

Yeah, your makeup is LOVELY! Thanks for the tips! LOVE that you put pics on! LOVE IT!

Winder Woman said...

Suz, you are a brave woman to take photos of yourself sans makeup. But since you are so naturally pretty, you probably aren't concerned about stuff like that! :-) I like the tutorial and the review. Gonna have to try that stuff!

Susan said...

Thank you!