Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

Well, since this weekend was devoted to something else, we have decided to do our Easter next weekend. This goes against everything I hold dear... I like to celebrate things on the ACTUAL day, it just doesn't feel the same to me if it's not.

Anyway, since we had to be in Vegas for a... I don't really know what to call it. I guess a celebration of marriage? Regardless, we were able to look all snazzy for Easter weekend, in between working our arses off to help pull this thing off... So, here are a few sweat free moments for your visual enjoyment.

Please forgive the date stamp. My mother in law took the pictures with her camera. I'm just grateful we got a few nice pictures for Easter weekend. What do you think of the photoshopped ones? I love Photoshop!

Hope your Easter was as pretty as ours, but not as crazy!

With Love,


Olivia Carter said...

Great pics! You guys look so cute and I love your makeup!

Love the photoshopped ones too!

Susan said...

Olivia, you are so awesome! :) Thank you! :)