Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Gripe or Two

I have a spider bite on my arm, and it hurts, and I'm feeling a little sick.

I have seen Clifford's Really Big Movie so many times.

I feel all sorts of anxiety right now, and a general sense of unease. I have no idea why, but it freaks me out when I feel like this... like something awful is going to happen.

The other day I went to the yucky store... a.k.a. Walmart, and there were TWO police cars parked in the NO PARKING ZONE in front of the store when I went in. One was a local University Police car, and the other was a city police car. There are special parking spots for the city police cars at our Walmart, so I found this a little annoying. As I was going in, I see two police officers coming out with a shopping cart. They were from the University police... So, they were doing their shopping and parking illegally at the same time. Very nice. You know, I can't just park wherever the hell I want to because I don't want to park out in BFE to go in to an overcrowded store that I hate. It infuriates me when people abuse "privileges." Like, when you see police cars speeding without lights or sirens on town roads, and when they get to a stoplight that they don't want to stop at, they turn their lights on to go through it and make people move out of their way. Once they are through the light, they turn off the lights and continue on their way to their "emergency" dinner at Applebee's two towns over. (On TAXPAYER DOLLARS mind you... that gas isn't free).

Sorry I ranted for a minute.

Just a few things on my mind.

With Love,

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Olivia Carter said...

Ewww.... hate all bug bites. Something about them seriously freaks me out!

And bleh, I hate the abuse of power too. Especially for those who are supposed to protect the laws.

Hope you feel better soon! Let's hang out- playdate? Call me!