Friday, July 9, 2010

I have found some new blogs...

I LOVE finding new blogs. Especially if they are devoted to being gluten free. It just makes me so happy to know that there are others out there who make my life so much easier with their wonderful ideas and beautiful dishes that are delicious and inspiring. I also love to read the stories of the people behind the blogs...

Here are a few new favorites.

Simply Sugar and Gluten Free (Seriously her life story is mine for the most part)
She Let Them Eat Cake (This lady rocks!)
Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom (Her stuff is SO beautiful)
Living Free (This is wonderful because she cooks without Dairy, Gluten or Sugar!)
Gluten Free Easily (Just browsed her site, and things are looking pretty good!)
Gluten Free Gidget (Super yummy stuff here!)
Cook it Allergy Free! (Some yummy recipes and good info on her site)
The Spunky Coconut (She's Casein/Gluten/Sugar free and also has some RAW recipes too!)
Z's Cup of Tea (Grain/Gluten/Dairy/Sugar Free!)
The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen (She won me over with her Avocado Fudge-scicles)
Celiac Teen (How awesome is this girl? She's 17 and a whiz in the GF kitchen!)

And of course here are some old standby's that I still lurve.

The Gluten Free Goddess (AKA Karina's Kitchen... she is amazing)
Elana's Pantry (She cooks amazing things)
Ginger Lemon Girl (Awesome)
Gluten Free Mommy (She is so cool for so many reasons)

Today marks day one of being SUGAR FREE as well as GLUTEN FREE. I will be slowly but surely cutting out my DAIRY as well. So, blogs that address all THREE to me, are AMAZING.

With Love,


maggiesavage said...

THanks for the shout-out Susan! Looks like you have a great blog too! I love the new hairdo on you and your hubs :)

Susan said...

Maggie! Thank you so much! :) Thanks for stopping by my humble little place in the blogging world! I am truly honored! :)