Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dr. Steve Brule "FOR YOUR HEALTH!"

I have recently discovered Dr. Steve Brule (the great John C. Reilly) and I love the man! If you want to get a taste of my humor, "CHECK IT OUT!"  Or you can check him out on

So, in tribute to this awesome dude, I swiped a still shot of him from photobucket, and put my own tag line on it...

This is for the days when I ask myself why I can't eat pizza or other gluten filled deliciousness... because some days it's hard for me.

(He has never said that, but I bet it is something he would say... mispronounced words and all).

See, the other night I was tossing the idea around of starting a food blog, to occupy my mind and energy until I get some more clients for my photo business, and I thought, it would be so funny if Brules Rules did a segment on Gluten and Celiac, because I'm sure it would be hysterical listening to him try to pronounce all the lingo associated with it. So, I came up with this little thing, and you may not think it is funny, but please know that I had a really good laugh thinking of what he would say to me. (I know... I'm ridiculous).


With Love,


Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

I do like John C. Riley but I dont think I've caught this character yet. It sounds funny. And I love your added in words!

Susan said...

Ha ha! thanks Debbie! You should check it out! :)